BitCoin the new payment method

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Starting from today, we announce a small but great revolution, the possibility of buying our products by paying them in BitCoin. MGS has always been at the forefront in the design and worldwide sale of high quality chandeliers , wall lights e sculptures , now we want to look even further into the future by accepting this innovative and secure currency ideal for transactions through the web.

BitCoin payment

The payment can be done in two different ways, just like what happens with the credit card or PayPal, you can decide whether to pay the full amount or just an deposit of 20% and the rest as soon as the goods are ready for shipping. Obviously both the down payment and the balance can be paid via BitCoin or the other payment systems already available.


The transaction is very secure, but this is an intrinsic feature of the BitCoin system, at the end of the order you will be shown a BitCoin address to which the amount will be converted from Euro or Dollar to bitCoin according to the value of market updated in real time. For more information on the BitCoin platform you can click here:


What are you waiting for? look, for example, our marvels ceiling lamps and execute your order using bitcoins


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