Murano ceiling lamps

Handmade ceiling lights, the ceiling lights offered by the Murano glass Shop are real luminous works to be applied to the ceiling of your home. The Murano ceiling lights can be made of opaque crystal shaded towards the transparent crystal to prevent the light from bothering the eyes. The crystal can be colored in amber or amethyst or embellished with filaments of various colors. The color of the metal can be white, gold or chrome.

Gabbiano Ceiling lamp

From: $2,270.97

Mocenigo Ceiling lamp

From: $2,301.57

Korinthos Ceiling Lamp

From: $460.08

Tribuno Ceiling light

From: $1,230.80

Eridani Ceiling light

From: $1,250.80

Loredan Ceiling light

From: $1,227.60

Manin Ceiling lamp

From: $1,117.11

Memmo Ceiling light

From: $308.29

Gocce Ceiling light

From: $698.94

Bembo Ceiling light

From: $964.54

Why use a ceiling light?

The ceiling lights are ceiling lighting fixtures and can radically change the style of your home. Due to their high ceiling position, these lamps typically light up your entire room, so they have a big impact not only in style but also in the amount of light they produce. The Murano glass Shop offers a great variety of ceiling lights, from the classic style with leaves to the modern or ultramodern design. We have also studied From the bedrooms to the living room to the entrance or living room, our ceiling lights add a touch of personality to any space.