Venice Glass Week Fondazione Venezia Collection

Fondazione Venezia Collection

During the glass week (Venice Glass Week 2018) there were numerous exhibitions and conferences on the theme of historical and contemporary artistic glass.

In order to understand the meaning of modern works and above all to make new objects, we need to rediscover the past.

From the 30s to the late 60s it was all a succession of great works made by masters who using the collaboration of famous or emerging designers have been able to lay the foundations of a great artistic period.

Today we want to show you some pieces dating back to this historical period. This is the private collection located within the offices of the Venice Foundation, pieces of great value and value; from which we want to draw inspiration to look forward always looking for that innovative spirit and perfection that has distinguished this great art.

Offices of the Venice Foundation
Offices of the Venice Foundation
Offices of the Venice Foundation
Offices of the Venice Foundation

Superb the Argo Vase, obtained by applying a net of square section cane segments edged with acquamarine to the blown crustal side. During blowing the crystal of the inner layer pushes throught the mesh of the net, forming numerous "eyes". This is why the series is named Argo, after the mythological monster with a hundred eyes.

Argo vase  barovier e toso
Argo vase Barovier & Toso glassware

A submerged vase from 1936 made by the glassworks and the Barovier Seguso e Ferro Blower (Seguso vetri d'arte) designed by Flavio Poli, by Archimede Seguso. Glass with gold leaf and crystal h16cm, diameter 22cm.

submerged vessel barovier seguso and ferro
submerged vessel Barovier Seguso and Ferro

Follow photos of other wonderful pieces:

Mario pinzoni parabolic ashtray
Parabolic Ashtray Seguso Mario Pinzoni Design
Carlo Scarpa
Carlo Scarpa "beaten" vase
Small vase  Murrino Venini
Small vase Murrino, Venini
Venini engraved cup
Venini, engraved cup
Seguso vase, saturn cup
Seguso vase, saturn cup
cup feathers, archimede seguso
Feathers cup, Archimede Seguso
Astronomical plate, Arte Vetraria Muranese
Astronomical plate, Arte Vetraria Muranese - Design Anzolo Fuga
Cup Seguso Flavio Poli
Cup Seguso Flavio Poli
Plate venini tapio wirkkala
Plate Venini, disegno Tapio Wirkkala
Lamp base  Mazzega
Lamp base, Mazzega
Vases from the 30s, murano pauly
Vases from the 30s, Murano Pauly
Plates from the 30s filigrana venini scarpa
Plates from the 30s, filigree. Venini. Design: Carlo Scarpa
diamond plate barovier e toso
Diamond Plate realization by Barovier & Toso 1968
Monachina lamp Vistosi
Monachina lamp, Design: Gino Vistosi

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