Murano chandeliers in classic style

The best classic style Murano chandeliers

Bringing the past of the Serenissima into your living room...High-quality Venetian and classic glass chandeliers that you can change in any way you want and are made with the same love as the artists who made glass in the past. It goes well with smart old-style furniture and stands out well in any type of furniture, contemporary setting.

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The flowered chandelier featured in the provided link is a stunning and elegant lighting fixture. Crafted with exquisite precision by Murano glass artisans, it showcases delicate and vibrant flower-shaped glass elements hanging from a central structure. The combination of rich colors and intricate floral designs creates a captivating and artistic visual display. This flowered chandelier would be a focal point in any space, adding beauty and sophistication to your home or any desired setting.

Classic Murano chandeliers

Because there are so many ways to make a chandelier, and because ours are the best of all of them, they are both beautiful and unique.

The most common thing our customers tell us after installing a chandelier is that they get a lot of comments from their friends and that everything looks better and the house feels like it has a new soul.
A classic room can be brightened up with a new light that adds to the room's beauty and adds the grace that your classic decor is missing. Obviously a chandelier can also be an excellent complement for any type of environment, even creating an alternation of styles.

Obviously, the beauty of a piece of art is in how it can be used. In this case, don't be afraid to get in touch with us and maybe send us photos of the room where you want to put the chandelier. We will do a feasibility study and tell you everything you need to know to make a custom light.

Original spare parts are available for all of our lamps. Think twice before buying a chandelier from a store that doesn't give you this option.

The crystal is clear and pure as light, and so are our colors. In fact, the MGS will never make a chandelier that is painted with chemical resins. All of our colors come from natural minerals that are melted into the hot glass to make a wide range of colors based on how thick the glass is.

Since 1999, we've been making and selling chandeliers on the web. You've helped us grow, and we'll keep following our desire to make even more beautiful chandeliers.