Our original and certified Murano glass Sculptures: The Murano Glass Animals section is dedicated to real animal lovers. Eagles, herons, but also marine animals: Dolphins, Sharks. Amazing creations, real Sculptures.


For the lovers of the Horses we offer great pieces: Trotters or gallop horses or horse heads with imposing black glass bases. In the Animal section, sea giants or stylized fishes, as well as adorable parrots from incredible shades or cute multi-colored sparrows.

Or Aquile with an intense look, ready to fly away from the trespolo for an incredible exploration in the mountains.

Birds immersed in unspoiled nature, bulls ready to load, just to look at them is wondering if it is necessary to take off that red vest ....

Romans on a big-haired by powerful pure blood, ready to run to fight a battle.

Many of these items do not have the price you will be notified by mail after your request.

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