Murano glass Sculptures

It is very difficult to evaluate the grandeur of our original Murano glass sculptures with a certificate issued by the Veneto region only thanks to a photo. These works of art are made according to the most ancient and consolidated techniques of Murano processing: Blowing, solid wood processing. Contact us for any information or clarification.

Crystal sculptures

Glass is a material that still allows us to experiment and create new forms. The use of crystal (transparent glass) underlines the artist's formal research because, almost paradoxically, the greater the transparency, the clearer the lines appear and the fuller the volumes.
Among the sculptures presented we have couples of lovers and figures of women in which the individual parts, the head, the arms, the torso, the legs, blend together just as they seem to stand out distinctly.
Abstract transfigurations of action (Corrida), or natural elements (Rainbow) or even spatial elements, such as the exceptional Hedgehog. And abstract works that convey the feeling of being indefinite because they seem to reproduce the moment of a thought, all the more fascinating as such.

The crystal

We can, with a hint of self-indulgence, declare that the sculptures presented in our catalog fully fall within the definition of "works of art". It is often difficult to judge from the photos but they are impressive articles, with a maniacal, incredible research into detail.
Abstract sculptures or sculptures with an intense meaning, dancers that seem to really dance as if made alive within the glass material. These sculptures should be placed in the center of an empty room, it would do nothing else to create a dreamlike atmosphere.

Murano sculptures prices

Many of these items do not have the price that will be communicated to you by email after your request.

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