Sales Contract

Sales Contract

Supplier’s Details:

M.G.S. di Carrara Alessandro
Via Banchina dell'azoto, 15
30175 Marghera (VE) ITALY

Tel: 041 8622641
Fax: 041 8620980 (fax da Italia)

P.IVA IT03508080276

Characteristics Of The Sold Assets:

Glass made objects: sculptures, glasses, chandeliers, lamps, various decorative objects, etc. as from catalogs.

Right Of Withdrawal:

The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 (fourteen) days from receipt of product(s).

The right of withdrawal is valid only within the European Union

If the customer intends to exercises withdrawal right, shall give communication by e-mail within 14 (fourteen) days and consequently return the product(s) in conditions of substantial integrity and original packaging.
The restitution shall occur within 30 (thirty) days form receipt of the product(s). Shipping liability and costs shall be paid by the customer. The shipping shall be organized by insured courier, and in case of shipments provided from countries outside European Union, in additional, shall be accompanied by customs declaration.

The reimbursement of the amount shall be made by re-credit on Credit card, on Pay Pal or by bank transfer. Such reimbursement shall be carried out within 10 (ten) days from receipt of returned products.

The right of withdrawal is applicable only to private customers rather natural persons that act outside of their own professional and business activities.
The customer has not the right to withdraw in case of custom-made products ordered, rather in case of modifications to the form, dimensions and colour of the standard products present in catalogue.

Methods of payment:

The customer may choose between two methods of payment:

  • Full payment of the amount.
    This method provides the payment of total amount indicated in the cart, the payment shall be performed by: Credit card, Pay Pal or bank transfer. In case of payments performed by bank transfer we shall attend to receive the confirmation from our bank before to place the order or execute the order in case of immediate availability of the product.

  • Advance/balance Payment.
    This method is available only in case of products already ordered or part of product that is not available at the moment of the order and shall be produced in terms indicated in the contract. This method of payment is divided in two phases:

    • Advanced payment: The customer shall pay in advance 20% of total amount of the order (the amount will be calculated automatically on page named "cart") with the following methods of payment: Credit Card, Pay Pal and bank transfer. In case of advance payment made by bank transfer we shall attend the confirmation of accounted operation from our bank before to place the order.

    • Balance payment: When the product(s) are ready for shipment, the customer will be informed by email, and using the function "my orders", shall pay the remaining balance choosing between following methods of payment: Credit Card, Pay Pal, bank transfer and cash on delivery. In case of payment by bank transfer we shall attend the confirmation of accounted operation from our bank before to ship the product(s). in case of payment by cash on delivery, the customer shall pay the product(s) in cash to a courier. The courier do not accept cheque or any other type of payment except cash.

In case of payments by bank transfer from countries outside European Union, in cart shall be added 5 (five) euro for every bank transfer operation, this due to cover the bank charges.

Security of transactions payment:

The transactions with credit and debit card or Pay Pal are carried out by means of the connection directly with Banca Sella, which makes the payment absolutely secure. We will never be in possession of your card’s number.

Evasion Of The Order:

All our articles are exclusive to you and made by hand from our masters “Vetrai of Murano”, for this reason we will proceed with the making of your ordered item that will be ready in the shortest possible time: (From 10 to 40 days in the case of chandeliers, particularly sophisticated sculptures or mirrors and furnitures). In case the articles is available in stock, the order will be sent as soon as possible.

Shipping and tracking

The goods will be ensured and sent by means of the following couriers espresso:

  • To Italy:
    • Poste Italiane S.p.A.: (Pacco Postacelere 3, tracking available using "My Orders" function on our web-site)
    • SDA: (tracking not available)
    • UPS: (tracking available using "My Orders" function on our web-site)

  • To all Countries within the European Community, to Switzerland and Norway:
    • Poste Italiane S.p.A.: (International Package, tracking available using "My Orders" function on our web-site)
    • UPS: (tracking available using "My Orders" function on our web-site)
    • Saima Avandero (tracking not available)
    • Fercam (tracking not available)

  • To the rest of the world:
    • Poste Italiane S.p.A.: (International Package, tracking available using "My Orders" function on our web-site)
    • UPS: (tracking available using "My Orders" function on our web-site)
    • Saima Avandero (tracking not available)
    • Fercam (tracking not available)

In every case the M.G.S. keep the right to choose a different courier in every moment, in the case of this one offering a better service comparing with the one over mentioned.

Delivery times:

  • Italy: Maximum within four working days.
  • European Community: Maximum within five working days.
  • Norway: Maximum within seven working days.
  • For the rest of the world: Maximum within seven working days, according also to customs legal requests. For some particular countries, the times might vary.

The M.G.S. is not responsible in the case of delivery happened in different times from the ones over mentioned.

Shipments Charges:

The costs of shipments are calculated at the moment of the purchase by the use of the "SHOPPING BASKET" option; the cost might change according to the weight and the volume of the package. However, the cost will be approximately calculated taking into consideration such variable details.

Customs Charges:

In some of the countries it will be possible that the customer will have to pay the customs duties. We suggest you to get relative information from your nearest responsible authority. We will not perform any refund if the goods are not accepted if there are duties to be paid.

Receipt of goods:

Our goods are packaged by specialists with materials as by law enacted, so to guarantee a safe delivery. At the delivery time it is necessary to check that the packages are in good conditions: clean and without scratch. In the adverse case, before signing the delivery note, it is necessary to append on the same wording accepting with reserve and consequently advise us writing at: attaching a picture of the packs still closed.

After having collected the goods it is also necessary to check the inside conditions, maximum within five days from the receiving of the packs. In the case of bad conditions of the products, it will be necessary to send us an e-mail at the address: highlighting which damages were found and attaching one or more pictures of the broken parts with corresponding measures. Without pictures we can not proceed with the delivery of the new parts.

Assemblying parts:

Some of our products travel unassembled due to security reason and saving adverse indications. The assembling and wiring costs are all-depending to the customer. In the case of items that require electric wiring, the operation of an expert is suggested. The M.G.S. does not take responsibility for the incorrect assembling and wiring of our products.

Electric systems and Certifications:

Our items are certified according to CE standards only for use in Europe countries, Other certification like UL used in Unites states or CSA used in Canada are not available. Our products can work in countries that accept different standards by the CE but we do not responsible for damages or other problems that may arise through the use of our products. Therefore use our products in countries outside of Europe should be done at your own risk.

Online Dispute Resolution:

We invite you to write us for any problem about your order, we want our customers always satisfied. In any case this website is available for on-line dispute resolution (for UE only): Online Dispute Resolution

We would ask you to read and to print this document as an official contract between us.

Venice, Italy, 15 June 2022

Alessandro Carrara,
CEO of M.G.S. Company

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