Hand made vases in Murano glass. We create vases with a modern design with intense and vivid colors, or vases with a classic or antique style. We can also make Custom vases on customer request. We only use colors in fire that we cover with a layer of crystal to give a final appearance of shine.

Matt vase

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Stretto Vase

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Tondo Vases

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Harlequin vase

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Murano glass vases

On this page you can admire our Murano glass vases, the decorations can be of various types: with Murrine, with silver or gold. The crystal can be jacketed or excavated to imitate an antique vase.

A bit of history, the vases of Maestro Venini.

Venini Paolo (1895-1959), a Milanese by birth, a lawyer by profession, united the passion for art with a sense of business. In 1921 he founded in Murano the "Vetri Soffiati Muranesi Cappellin & Venini" which then, in 1925, dissolved to set up his own business. With the collaboration of Vittorio Zecchin, first and then by Napoleone Martinuzzi, he promoted Venetian craftsmanship to true art. In a first period the factory reproduced Venetian blown glass from the 15th and 16th centuries, taken from Renaissance paintings. During the '30s he experimented with new materials, developing also innovative techniques for the treatment of vitreous surfaces. Thus the "pulegoso" glass, the corroded, the compound, the diamond, the submerged, etc., are born
In the '40s and' 50s Venini presents new collections designed by the most famous architects and glass artists such as Carlo Scarpa, Gio Ponti, the Finnish Tapio Wirkkala, the young Paduan artist Bianconi, Tyra Lundgren not to mention that some. In '51 Venini presents the triennial of Milan a series of glasses, designed by Fulvio Bianconi: The pezzato glasses, bands and inclusions. His famous zazzfrey glass handkerchief vase is always from the 1950s.


Our vases can be used as works to admire or to contain a bouquet of flowers