Sea color wall light

Wall light with the colors of the sea

In this post we want to show you a variety of options to customise our products. In particular we refer to the multicolour series where a number of tones are available to be chosen, this is for you to adapt the item to the environment you want to place it or simply to your test.

For example one of our customers customised the one of our appliqué by matching the colour with the sea that could be seen from his widow. Starting from the Multi colored series we created two digital images that could better match with the cost and dark blue of the deep sea.

Here is the resoult:

Wall light with the colors of the sea
Wall light with the colors of the sea
Wall sconce with the colors of the sea
Wall sconce with the colors of the sea

It has to be considered that the images are made on computer and the real colour might be slightly different. However, we can still work on our customers requests, trying to get as close as possible to their desires.

We will soon be able to show you other examples, so, come back to visit us!

By Alessandro Carrara

Good news, now the wall lights with the colors of the sea are available, for more information <a href="">click here</a><br /><br />MGS Staff

MGS Staff, 01/02/2012 19:24:43
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