Antelmi mirror

Hand engraved mirror in venetian style

Code: ava-050/S

Size: (Inches) Height 53.15, Width 33.46

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Hand engraved mirror in Venetian style with Murano glass curls in crystal colour and multicolour glass-paste decorations. Structure in natural wood.
The Antelmi Mirror is an exquisite piece of Venetian craftsmanship. Made with the finest Murano glass, this mirror features delicate hand-blown flowers, leaves, and swirls, all meticulously incorporated into the design. The elegant frame showcases intricate details, including gold accents and etched patterns, adding a touch of luxury to any space. With its timeless beauty and masterful artistry, the Antelmi Mirror is a stunning addition to any home or office décor.


The "Antelmi Mirror" is a handcrafted masterpiece that exudes elegance and grandeur. Crafted in the Venetian style, it showcases the timeless beauty and sophistication synonymous with the renowned Murano glass artisans.

This mirror features a meticulously detailed frame that is truly a work of art. The frame is hand engraved, showcasing intricate patterns, delicate scrolls, and ornate motifs. The skilled craftsmen have poured their passion and expertise into every aspect of this mirror, resulting in a mesmerizing piece that catches the eye and captivates the beholder.

The use of expertly crafted Murano glass adds an extra touch of opulence and uniqueness to the mirror. The glass is known for its exceptional clarity and luminosity, creating a radiant reflection that enhances any space. The hand-engraved designs on the frame further amplify the luxurious nature of the mirror, adding depth, texture, and an air of grandeur.

The Antelmi Mirror exudes a sense of timelessness and luxurious sophistication, making it a perfect focal point for any room. Whether displayed in a lavish living room, an elegant bedroom, or a stylish hallway, this Venetian-style mirror effortlessly elevates the ambiance and adds a touch of Venetian charm to any interior.

With its refined craftsmanship, exquisite detailing, and classic beauty, the Antelmi Mirror is a true testament to the artistry and tradition of Venetian glassmaking. It is not only a functional mirror but also a stunning piece of decor that brings the allure of Venetian style into your home.


  • Code: ava-050/S
  • Factory name: Arte Veneziana
  • Size: (Inches) Height 53.15, Width 33.46
  • Weight: 10 kg
  • Temperature: K
  • Availability: The item must be produced, estimated date of completion of processing: 23/07/2024, Maximum date of termination of processing: 23/07/2024. (Based on the amount of work currently in queue)

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