Glass leaf for mirrors 5cm

Code: mgs-spr-leamir2/5-CR

Size: (Inches) Height 1.97, Width 1.57

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One hand-made crystal leaf, original spare part for Murano mirrors.
Leafs is a visually captivating and intricately crafted spare part designed for mirrors. Made from exquisite Murano glass, this decorative element showcases a delicate leaf formation, adding a touch of elegance and nature-inspired charm to any mirror. With its vibrant colors and meticulous detailing, Leafs effortlessly enhances the aesthetics of any space, making it a perfect choice for those seeking to elevate their mirror's appearance with a unique and artistic touch.


The Glass Leaf for Mirrors is a decorative accessory designed specifically for mirrors. It measures approximately 5cm in size. The leaf is made from high-quality glass and features an intricate design that adds an elegant touch to any mirror it is applied to. This product is ideal for individuals who want to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their mirrors or replace a damaged or missing decorative leaf. The Glass Leaf is expertly crafted by skilled artisans in Murano, Italy, known for their centuries-old glassmaking traditions. With its intricate details and exquisite craftsmanship, this glass leaf is not only a functional spare part for mirrors but also a beautiful piece of art in its own right.


  • Code: mgs-spr-leamir2/5-CR
  • Factory name: Carrara Glassmakers
  • Size: (Inches) Height 1.97, Width 1.57
  • Weight: 0,1 kg
  • Glass finishes: Crystal
  • Availability: This item is immediately available, See shipping time


  • M.G.S. Since 1999
  • Transparent company ethical and friendly
  • Satisfaction or refund
  • High end projects
  • Not painted glass

Questions and answers

  • Beverly McConnell: Hello, Does the leaf have holes for nails? Thank you
    • MGS Staff: Dear Beverly, yes, each leaf has two holes for the nails.
  • Tina Casto: Do you make fume colored replacement pieces?
    • MGS Staff: Dear Tina, no sorry. only clear crystal or crystal with 24k gold
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