Glass twist rods

Crystal twist rod 6mm

Code: mgs-canna06/cr

Size: (Inches) Width 19.69, Depth 0.24

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Ideal replacement for mirrors, rods made by hand in Murano, Italy.
For best service, please specify the diameter and the length of the rods you need.
Twisted glass rods for mirrors.
How to measure the diameter of the rods: Please get a European meter and measure the diameter of the rods (expressed in mm) that you want to replace. The rods are twisted and this creates points of different diameter. The size of our barrels is related to the diameter of the largest part of the rods.


The "Crystal twist rod 6mm" is a high-quality decorative element designed to enhance mirrors. It is available on the website

This product is made of crystal, known for its clarity and shining properties, ensuring a luxurious and elegant appearance. The twist rod features a 6mm diameter, making it relatively slim and delicate. The sleek design allows it to seamlessly blend with various mirror styles, adding a touch of sophistication and charm to any space.

The Crystal twist rod is suitable for both modern and traditional mirror designs, making it a versatile option for different interior aesthetics. It can be used to replace or customize existing mirror rods, ideal for DIY enthusiasts or those looking to give their mirrors a unique twist.

Not only does the Crystal twist rod serve as a decorative accessory, but it also reflects and refracts light, creating mesmerizing visual effects. The crystal material captures and enhances the surrounding light, scattering beautiful rays in all directions. This adds depth and ambiance to the mirror, making it a focal point in any room.

Furthermore, the Crystal twist rod is crafted with expert precision and attention to detail, ensuring durability and longevity. Its sturdy construction guarantees that it will maintain its elegance and shine for an extended period.

In summary, the Crystal twist rod 6mm is a stunning decorative element featuring a slim and elegant design. Made of crystal, it acts as a reflective and refractive accessory, adding sophistication and luminosity to any mirror it adorns. Whether you want to replace existing mirror rods or create a personalized touch, this product is a perfect choice to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your mirrors.


  • Code: mgs-canna06/cr
  • Factory name: Carrara Glassmakers
  • Size: (Inches) Width 19.69, Depth 0.24
  • Weight: 0,2 kg
  • Glass finishes: Crystal
  • Availability: This item is immediately available, See shipping time

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Questions and answers

  • Gary Brock: I am looking for replacement glass crystal rods for some old sherle Wagner towel bars. the diameter is 3/4 and 1 inch in different sets. the usual crystal rods are twisted or at least decorative 18-24 inches in length. do you make such a rod?
    • MGS: Dear Gary, try to send us a picture to our email address:
  • Hello, I am looking for (2 twisted rods) 43 inches each diameter 0.24 and (3 twisted rods) 35 inches each diameter 0.24 If you could give me a price. Thank you Isabel Raphael
    • MGS: Dear customer, we can only ship rods up to 20 inches long. Best Regards.
  • Matthew: Hello, I am looking for twisted glass rods, but they have to have a hollow core. They are to replace a glass tassel on a light fixture.
    • MGS Staff: Dear Matthew, we can produce them but only in high quantities. Sorry. MGS Staff.
  • Catherine Stiteler: Hello ! Can you make these spiral rods in black glass ? I bought a beautiful Venetian mirror and it has one pieced approximately 18 inches long missing. I would love to replace it. I also need other parts for two additional mirrors but just flowers and the little glass nail heads. Thank you !
    • Staff: Dear Catherine, to make the rods in black color we would have to make a very large quantity (at least 50Kg). Sorry.
  • Johny Rodriguez: Hi Im needing a large: 27 and w: 0.35 twisted rod for a Venetian Murano mirror. Thanks.
    • MGS Staff: Dear Johny, please could you specify the measurements? please write in cm or mm.
    • Johny Rodriguez: Hi Im needing a glass twisted rod for a Venetian mirror , large:27 inches(68.58 cm) Diameter: 0.35 inches(0.88 cm). Thanks.
  • Ms. Han: Do you have ship item to Việt Nam?
    • MGS Staff: Dear Han, we ship all over the world.
    • Ms. Han: The length I need is not in standard so can I break the rod easily?
    • MGS Staff: Yes, with a pair of pliers you can cut them without any difficulty.
    • Ms. Han: The length I need is not in standard so can I break the rod easily? Could you provide the length around 70cm for 6mm dia?
    • MGS Staff: Dear Ms. Han, sorry we can send maximum 50cm length.
  • Josh Davis: Hi all, I am in need of some pink twist rods. are you able to make these?
    • MGS Staff: Dear Josh, no sorry we only make them in clear crystal,
    • Josh Davis: so possibly my best option would be to remove the pink rods from the outer frame, and use them where they are missing in the inner frame, and then use clear rods from you on the outer frame?
  • Barbara Sforzs: I need 1 ( one) crystal twist rod - 18 inches long x 0.24. Do you have those? If yes how long until I can receive it? I am in New York Usa
    • MGS Staff: Dear Barbara, yes we can cut it to the desired size.
  • Tommy: Can you send 234 cm
  • Reply
  • Me: Dot the twist rods come in 4,6, and 8mm diameter
    • MGS Staff: yes, you can choose the diameter from 4 to 9mm in diameter (subject to availability).
  • Joanne: Im looking for a rod with a 5/8 of an inch width (depth?) Do you have that? Thanks. Joanne
    • MGS Staff: Dear Joanne, this diameter is not available, it can be custom made only in large quantities.
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