Coloured mirror

Sunflower mirror

Code: mgs-29-33/1

Size: (Inches) Height 31.50, Width 23.62

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Modern Mirror in yellow and brown colors, goes very well with wooden furniture, this product is not painted but coloured with fusion
The 29 Modern Mirrors Series is a collection of contemporary mirrors available at Murano Glass Shop. This series features 29 unique mirror designs that exude a modern and stylish aesthetic. Each mirror is skillfully crafted with high-quality materials and showcases a blend of elegance and functionality. With various shapes, sizes, and finishes, these mirrors are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication and allure to any living space or interior. Explore the collection at the provided link to find the perfect mirror that complements your personal style and enhances the ambiance of your home.


The "Sunflower Mirror" is a unique and exquisite piece of art that adds elegance and style to any living space. This modern mirror is exclusively designed and crafted by skilled artisans from Murano, Italy, renowned for their mastery in glassmaking.

The mirror features a circular shape, reminiscent of a sunflower, with a diameter of approximately 90 centimeters. The frame is made entirely of high-quality Murano glass, which undergoes a meticulous process of melting, shaping, and cooling to achieve its flawless design.

The intricate details of the Sunflower Mirror showcase the mastery of the artisans. The frame consists of delicate, hand-blown glass petals meticulously arranged to create a vibrant and captivating sunflower pattern. The petals exhibit a fusion of warm and vibrant colors, including various shades of yellow and orange, resembling the natural colors of a blooming sunflower.

The mirror itself reflects light and enhances the overall luminosity of the room, while the intricate frame adds depth and visual interest. This piece is not only functional but also serves as a striking decorative element that brightens and enlivens any space.

Whether placed in a hallway, living room, bedroom, or even a bathroom, the Sunflower Mirror effortlessly becomes the focal point of the room. Its unique design and impeccable craftsmanship make it a perfect addition to modern, contemporary, and even classic interiors, offering a touch of sophistication and beauty.

When purchasing the Sunflower Mirror from the provided link, you'll receive a genuine, handcrafted piece directly sourced from Murano, ensuring its authenticity and exceptional quality.


  • Code: mgs-29-33/1
  • Factory name: Albatros
  • Size: (Inches) Height 31.50, Width 23.62
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Glass finishes: Yellow and brown
  • Internal code factory: mgs-29-33/1
  • Availability: The item must be produced, estimated date of completion of processing: 07/10/2024, Maximum date of termination of processing: 07/10/2024. (Based on the amount of work currently in queue)


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