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We show you our glass sconces, which are hand-made wall lamps made of Murano glass. On the back of the card for each wall lamp, you'll find the light that goes best with it. There you have it! Now you can choose and be sure that the two go well together.

Welcome to our exclusive collection of modern glass sconces, handcrafted in Italy. Each piece is the result of the creativity and excellence of Italian artisans, who combine tradition and innovation to create luminous works of art.

Our modern glass sconces embody contemporary elegance, adding a refined and sophisticated touch to your spaces. The highest quality materials, such as hand-blown glass, give each wall light a unique look and a flawless finish.

The clean and sinuous lines of our modern designs integrate harmoniously into any environment, from the minimalist style to the boldest and most avant-garde. Every detail is taken care of with the utmost precision, creating a diffused and delicate light effect that embellishes the walls and gives a welcoming atmosphere.

Lighting plays a fundamental role in creating a sensory experience and in defining environments. Our modern glass wall lights offer a soft and comfortable light, ideal for creating an intimate atmosphere in bedrooms, elegantly illuminating living areas or enhancing entrance spaces.

Our selection includes a variety of models, from essential minimalism to the most daring and creative shapes. You'll find wall, pendant or recessed sconces, all featuring impeccable Italian design and meticulous attention to detail.

Let yourself be enchanted by the timeless beauty of our modern glass wall lights, which blend the art of lighting with the excellence of Italian craftsmanship. Each piece is crafted with passion and dedication, representing a unique work that will enrich your home with a touch of refined beauty.

Choose our modern glass wall lights, because when lighting becomes art, your home is transformed into a place of timeless elegance and luminous emotions.

Modern wall lamp
Modern wall lamp
Modern wall lamps
Modern wall lamps

Here are ten tips for choosing a modern wall light

  • Style and Design: Choose a design that fits your modern decor style, whether it's minimalist or bold.
  • Quality materials: Opt for wall lights made of high-quality and durable materials, such as metal or glass.
  • Source of lighting: Consider whether you prefer direct or diffused light and choose a wall light with the right type of lighting.
  • Dimensions and Proportions: Make sure that the applique is proportionate to the space in which it will be installed, avoiding models that are too large or too small.
  • Color and Finish: Choose a finish that matches your existing decoration or creates a harmonious contrast.
  • Functionality: Consider whether you need additional functionality, such as dimming or directing the light.
  • Installation: Check if the fixture requires a simple installation on the wall or if it needs a more complex installation.
  • Energy efficiency: Choose a modern wall light equipped with LED technology to reduce energy consumption and have a longer life.
  • Indoors or Outdoors: Make sure the light fixture is suitable for its intended use, whether you want to install it indoors or outdoors.
  • Price and Budget: Set a budget and look for a wall light that fits your needs without exceeding it.

Remember, the choice of modern wall light depends on your personal tastes and the overall style of your environment.

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Can Can


From: $813.57

Adding a bit of style to any room, the Can Can wall lamp is a beautiful and modern piece of lighting. Beautiful Murano glass was used to make this wall lamp, which has a smooth, cylinder shape and a frosted finish. Its soft, warm glow makes rooms feel cozy, so it's great for halls, bedrooms, or living rooms. The Can Can wall lamp looks great in any modern room and serves a dual purpose as well as being a work of art.



From: $387.75

Beautiful glass lacework and weaves are what make this model stand out. They are meant to create an atmosphere of calm liveliness.
Mocenigo suggests a beautiful arrangement of curved, textured glass ribbons that were made to make any place look nice.
The design is impressed on the glass while it is still hot, which is called "a caldo" technique.
The light moves along the lines of the patterned surface, bringing out the metal features in the frame and making a beautiful play of light that shimmers.



From: $878.99

Made of Murano glass, the Korinthos wall light. The lamp's shape looks like it was influenced by the classic style of Greek columns, which have beautifully bent parts. Because the glass is clear, the light can spread out slowly, making the room feel bright and inviting. The lamp can be used in many places, from lighting up a home to illuminating the walls of a restaurant or bar. This lamp is both durable and beautiful because of the high quality Murano glass and the careful design.



From: $321.15

The light turns into an important geometric feature that gives designers a lot of options while also looking nice. Adding tone-on-tone glass grit to the surfaces gives them endless nuances that make them look better. A process called sandblasting coats the clear surface of the diffuser with glass dyes to give it its unique opaque colors.

Murano glass wall lights

From MGS, you can get wall lights that can light up the home. Our wall lights look great and will make your house look better. You can buy them with our floor lamps, table lamps, and pendants to make a set that goes together.

Why should you choose sconces?

Our wall lamps are real works of art. They are made in the well-known classic Venetian style, but our artists have changed and improved them.

The light from wall lamps comes from a different angle than other light sources. This gets rid of shadows and makes the room feel warmer, brighter, and more interesting.

The colors and materials

Wall lights from MGS are made with the best materials that can be found. Natural minerals are used to make the colors. When they mix, they make a thousand different types of beautiful colors that look like they came from nature. Keep an eye out for cheap items that have been cold-painted. This is bad for the environment and the air you breathe in your house because all varnishes give off harmful VOCs.

The same care is used to make the metal frames and parts as well. Because they have the best environmental licenses, our partners do things like galvanization.

Different Styles

There are lots of styles that look good in all of our rooms and with our furniture. For a classic look, choose wall lamps in the Bohemian or leaf style. For a more modern look, choose monolithic ceiling lamps. In any case, our classic-style products can be used perfectly in modern settings to add the contrast that's needed to break up the monotony. You will love the style of our applique in any setting.

Beautiful and stylish wall lights

You can improve the mood of any room with these stylish wall lights.

What It Does

Beautiful Design For years to come, these lights will be the talk of the room because of their beautiful, classic style.

Good Construction The good materials used to make these lights mean they will last without losing their style.

Lots of good uses The style of these lights makes them great for bathrooms, hallways, living rooms, and bedrooms. They also give off enough light.

Why should I get it?

A lot of styles look good with them. You can use these lanterns to improve the look of any style of home, from simple to modern to even an industrial one.
Lighting that works well Our unique glass does a great job of letting light shine in and making the room look warm and inviting.
This light was made to be easy to use, and it comes with all the tools you need to set it up.

Honest Craftsmanship: Craftsmen who have been making Murano glass for many generations have taught each lamp how to be made by hand.

Quality: The high-quality glass used to make these lamps makes them both beautiful and strong.

Each lamp is one of a kind because it is made by hand at a time. Each piece has its own story.

Value: Because Murano glass lamps are so rare and well-made, they often go up in value over time. If you take good care of yours, they can last even longer.

Style Tip

Set these lights on top of or next to marble tables or countertops for a classy look. Add soft-colored furniture, like gray or pastel-colored sofas and chairs, to make the room feel calm.
Match them with metal frames, mirrors, or other home decor items in gold or silver to make the room stick out.

You can enjoy how form and function work together with these wall lights. People who want their homes to stand out will love this lighting!

This must help! Thanks, and let me know if you need any more help or changes.