Picture frames with rows

Crystal photo frame in white color with decorative rows

Code: al-302-285

Size: (Inches) Height 7.48, Width 5.91, Height window picture 5.12, Width window picture 3.54

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The frame can be positioned vertically only.
Beautiful picture frames made by hand with the technique of glass sheet, there are various drawings and colors you can use.
You can also insert screen prints of all types (glassy, painted metal) with the logo of your company or association. Ideal as a gift to your most important customers.


The white crystal picture frame with decorative rows, as shown in the link, is a beautiful and elegant way to show off your favorite photos. This picture frame was made with care and accuracy out of high-quality crystal, which is known for being clear and transparent. The frame has a classic rectangular shape and a beautiful white color that adds a touch of sophistication to any room or decorating plan. The white color goes with many different kinds of decor, so it can be used in many different places. The artistic rows around the edge of this picture frame are one of its most noticeable features. These rows are made with care and give the pattern a touch of complexity and charm. They add an interesting detail that makes the frame look better and draws attention to the photo or artwork in the middle. The crystal material makes the whole thing look better by making a beautiful light show and effects. It catches and refracts the light around it in a beautiful way, making the frame look brilliant and bright. This picture frame is not only pretty, but it also has a purpose. It has a strong back support that lets you put it on a table, a shelf, or any other flat surface. It also has a safe place to put your photos, so you can show off your most precious moments without worrying about them getting broken. This white crystal picture frame with decorative rows is a great way to show off a treasured family photo or a special piece of art. Its elegant design, attention to detail, and expert craftsmanship make it a beautiful addition to any room and a thoughtful gift for your loved ones on many occasions.


  • Code: al-302-285
  • Factory name: Albatros
  • Size: (Inches) Height 7.48, Width 5.91, Height window picture 5.12, Width window picture 3.54
  • Weight: 0,2 kg
  • Availability: This item is immediately available, See shipping time


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