Colored plates

Colored plates 12x12cm

Code: dp-102A-CO-P

Size: (Inches) Width 4.72, Depth 4.72

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Colored plates 12x12cm
The product featured on the provided link is a set of colored plates. These plates are made from Murano glass, known for its exquisite craftsmanship and vibrant colors. Perfect for serving appetizers, desserts, or adding a pop of color to any table setting, these little plates can also be used as stylish décor pieces. Each plate is uniquely handcrafted, showcasing a beautiful blend of color and design, making them both functional and visually appealing.


The "Colored Plates 12x12cm" are a set of hand-made glass plates that are meant to add a touch of elegance and color to your table settings or other decor. Each plate is 12cm by 12cm, so they can be used for small appetizers, desserts, or even as stylish pieces to put on show. The traditional methods of making glass in Murano, which are known for their quality and skill, are used to make these plates. The material for the glass is carefully chosen to make sure it is clear, bright, and strong. One thing that makes these plates stand out is their bright colors. During the glassblowing process, different pigments are mixed together to give each plate its own beautiful color. This makes a beautiful play of colors that makes each piece look like a work of art. The plates have a sleek, smooth surface that makes them look both modern and classic. Because they are small, they are perfect for small parties or adding a pop of color to your home decor. The plates can also be used to hold small items or as decorative pieces on a coffee table or shelf. Whether you use these colored plates to serve food or put them on show, they are both useful and beautiful works of art. They blend tradition and modern design in a way that makes them a beautiful addition to any table setting or room.


  • Code: dp-102A-CO-P
  • Factory name: Dal pupo
  • Size: (Inches) Width 4.72, Depth 4.72
  • Weight: 0,2 kg
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