Carnival bowl

Carnival bowl with murrine 12x12 cm

Code: dp-106-MU-P

Size: (Inches) Width 4.72, Depth 4.72

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Carnival bowl with murrine 12x12 cm
The Carnival Bowl is a beautifully handcrafted glassware piece available on the Murano Glass Shop website. Made with exquisite Murano glass, this bowl features vibrant colors and intricate patterns, reminiscent of the colorful atmosphere of a carnival. Its unique design makes it a perfect addition to any table setting, whether for serving small snacks, dips, or as a decorative accent. Upgrade your dining experience with the stunning Carnival Bowl.


The Carnival bowl with murrine is a 12x12 cm piece of glassware that is beautifully made. This one-of-a-kind bowl is made with traditional Murano glassmaking methods, which are known for their high quality. The bowl has a beautiful range of bright colors that make me think of the fun environment of a carnival. Small glass canes or lines called murrine add a mesmerizing touch to the design. The murrine are placed carefully to make complex patterns and shapes that give the bowl depth and visual interest. The Carnival bowl is great for serving snacks, candies, or decorative items. It adds a touch of luxury and charm to any tabletop or display. It can also be used as a stand-alone piece of furniture to make your home or office look better. This Carnival bowl is a great example of the skill of Murano glassmakers. It was made with great care and attention to detail, so it is a unique and beautiful addition to any glassware collection.


  • Code: dp-106-MU-P
  • Factory name: Dal pupo
  • Size: (Inches) Width 4.72, Depth 4.72
  • Weight: 0,2 kg
  • Availability: This item is immediately available, See shipping time


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