Zanetti Murano

The predilection of Oscar Zanetti for naturalistic subjects is reflected in a lively collection inspired by the flora and fauna of his beloved Venetian Lagoon: blown or massive glass objects, all executed rigorously by hand, in the best tradition of the great masters of Murano.

Zanetti Murano is a true family-run business. Founded in 1956 and handed down father to son for four generations. The current maestro Oscar Zanetti inherited not only his family’s creative talent but also the passion for naturalistic subjects. Oscar Zanetti follows strict traditional Murano glassmaking techniques, but also pushes for design innovations. As a result Zanetti Murano has become one of the most important furnaces on Murano.

Zanetti Murano’s sculptures are sold through exclusive galleries in the city of Venice and selected partners around the world.


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Lovers in crystal

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