Vetreria Badioli in Murano produces glass works, and is famous for its Picasso-style creations. The production is centered on the sculptures, especially the heads. Even the furnishing accessories, glasses and jugs always in Picasso style are true masterpieces with an absolutely unique style.

The Masters Mario Badioli and his son Francesco Badioli are able to create figures, vases, faces imprinted with a story, metaphors, parts of truth that contribute to the recognition of a reality, of a simple and common life. Works that are not limited to the instinct present in Badioli, but intervene in the definition of the subject, underlining the actions, roles and tasks of the images represented through a quick, energetic and meaningful sign that carries out an in-depth study, a graphic investigation that represents the thought, the idea. In these creations there is certainly a component of pleasure that Badioli justifies with the satisfaction for the definition of the shape and the representation of the details.