Flowered chandelier

Chandelier at six lights in crystal and gold with pink and green decorations

Code: mgs-806/3CR.ORO.ROVE

Size: (Inches) Diameter 23.62, Height 23.62

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Crystal chandelier and colored decorations, the particularity of this chandelier is given by the flowers and the cups with the petals in pink and the flowers in green color.
The flowered chandelier featured in the provided link is a stunning and elegant lighting fixture. Crafted with exquisite precision by Murano glass artisans, it showcases delicate and vibrant flower-shaped glass elements hanging from a central structure. The combination of rich colors and intricate floral designs creates a captivating and artistic visual display. This flowered chandelier would be a focal point in any space, adding beauty and sophistication to your home or any desired setting.


This Flowered Chandelier is an exquisite lighting fixture that combines elegance and charm. It features a captivating design with six lights, delicately crafted from crystal and gold materials. The chandelier is adorned with stunning pink and green decorations, adding a pop of color and a touch of nature to its overall appearance.

The crystal elements create a mesmerizing sparkle when the lights are turned on, illuminating any space with a dazzling luminosity. The gold accents provide a luxurious touch, enhancing the chandelier's regal and opulent aesthetic.

With its flower-inspired design, this chandelier embodies grace and sophistication, making it a perfect addition to any stylish and elegant interior. Its intricate craftsmanship and attention to detail speak volumes about its high-quality construction.

Whether placed in a dining room, living room, or foyer, this Flowered Chandelier will undoubtedly become a captivating focal point and an embodiment of refined taste. It brings a sense of glamour and warmth to any space, creating a breathtaking ambiance that leaves a lasting impression on anyone who beholds it.

For more information or to purchase this Flowered Chandelier, please visit the following link: [Flowered Chandelier](https://www.muranoglass-shop.com/chandeliers/murano-chandeliers/flowered-chandelier-692.html#va=3928)


  • Code: mgs-806/3CR.ORO.ROVE
  • Factory name: Lavai
  • Size: (Inches) Diameter 23.62, Height 23.62
  • Weight: 17 kg
  • Glass finishes: Pink and green
  • Lights number: 3
  • Internal code factory: fiorito/3CR.ORO.ROVE
  • Availability: The item must be produced, estimated date of completion of processing: 23/06/2024, Maximum date of termination of processing: 23/06/2024. (Based on the amount of work currently in queue)


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Questions and answers

  • Roy Johnsen: Hi, I had a question regarding the weight of the chandeliers - please see the following, the weight of the larger is 10 kilo and the small is 17 kilo. Is this correct? Details from product description on the web page: Factory name: Lavai Code: mgs-806/12+6CR.ORO.PABL Size: (Cm) Diameter 130, Height 150 Weight: 10 kg Code: mgs-806/3CR.ORO.PABL Size: (Cm) Diameter 60, Height 60 Weight: 17 kg
    • MGS Staff: Dear Roy, thank you for contacting us! The weight of the 12+6 lights chandelier with cimiere was wrong, the weight is about 70Kg.
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