Rezzonico Chandeliers, luxury

Venetian Ca 'Rezzonico chandeliers, Century 1700. Characterized by the presence of glass pads which cover their metal arms. They may have "cimieri" with flowers, leaves or other arms. Customizable chandeliers to fit any space or height.

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Chandeliers for luxurious environments

On board my ships it was customary to celebrate one of the most ancient Venetian traditions, the marriage with the sea, in a symbolic union between the insatiable human aspiration and the forces of nature.
My name is therefore imprinted in history, destined to be remembered forever, I am the quintessence of the Art of Glass. The North Star destined to shine forever, the impeccable synthesis of the canons of harmony and perfection. Simple are the materials that thanks to human ingenuity have given me these features that are famous all over the world. They are not an object, but one of the symbols of Venetianism par excellence.

What differentiates a Rezzonico chandelier from a traditional one?

A Rezzonico chandelier has a particularity, it wants to be the most beautiful and important. It is a chandelier that wants to be very rich in details, almost opulent in its most classic conception. Technically, however, the differences compared to a classic Murano chandelier can be seen for example in the arms; normally the arms of Murano chandeliers are made up of a single glass part, in Rezzonici chandeliers the most evident peculiarity is that of the presence of the crystal "bossette" that cover a metal structure that must be very resistant to support the weight of the glass and ornaments.
To achieve an opulent and extremely luxurious style, castles and / or crests were also inserted from where further ornaments such as leaves or flowers in crystal and gold departed.

Rezzonico chandelier in the modern era

MGS chandeliers have been redesigned to adapt to modern environments and above all to non-princely sized rooms, so we have created a series of smaller sized chandeliers that also adapt to modern homes .

Chandelier Rezzonico
Rezzonico chandelier
Rezzonico chandelier installed in Villa Pisani
Rezzonico chandelier in Villa Pisani

Extreme customization

This type of chandelier lends itself well to modifications and customizations, precisely because of the metal structure which is the very soul of the chandelier which will then be covered by the bossette.
Contact us to request a customized project, we also invite you to see our Ca chandeliers Rezzonico specifically designed for the Guglielmo Marconi telematic university in Rome.