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Kit including chain and ceiling rose

Code: mgs-2531/kit-crv-cr

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Clear crystal ceiling rose
Kit including chain and ceiling rose.

To apply to chandelier without it as for default.
This kit is made for you in order to install your chandelier on to high ceiling.
You can purchase this item either on itself alone or while ordering your chosen chandeliers, simply adding it to the “basket” option.
Remember to check first if the item you have selected already includes the chain and the ceiling rose.
To be sure your chandelier is assembled properly we always suggest to leave the job to an expert electrician.

If you have any doubts related to this do not hesitate to contact us.


The "Kit including chain and ceiling rose" is a convenient accessory package designed to enhance the installation and functionality of chandeliers. This kit includes a chain and a ceiling rose, which are crucial components for securely suspending and mounting a chandelier from the ceiling.

The chain included in the kit is typically made of high-quality materials, such as metal or wrought iron, ensuring durability and longevity. It is specifically designed to support the weight of a chandelier while also adding an elegant touch to its overall appearance. The chain allows for adjustable height, allowing you to customize the chandelier's positioning to fit your space and desired aesthetic.

The kit also contains a ceiling rose, which serves as a connection point between the chandelier and the ceiling. The ceiling rose is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, offering a visually appealing and seamless integration into your ceiling. It provides a stable base for attaching the chain securely, ensuring the safety and stability of the chandelier.

Overall, the kit provides a practical and stylish solution for hanging a chandelier in your home or any desired space. With its chain and ceiling rose, it offers both the necessary support and decorative elements to complete the installation professionally while maintaining a cohesive and sophisticated look.


  • Code: mgs-2531/kit-crv-cr
  • Factory name: Sylcom
  • Weight: 0,5 kg
  • Glass finishes: Crystal
  • Internal code factory: mgs-1420/kit-crv-cr
  • Availability: The item must be produced, estimated date of completion of processing: 18/06/2024, Maximum date of termination of processing: 18/06/2024. (Based on the amount of work currently in queue)

Certifications issued by the manufacturer:

    Gestione ambientale ISO 14001:2004 Ente italiano di accreditamento Certificato 100% made in Italy Istituto per la tutela dei produttori Italiani Registro nazionale produttori italiani


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  • Not painted glass

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