MGS Referral Program

MGS Referral Program

Are you passionate about household items? Do you have a talent to communicate to people your tastes related to chandeliers, furnishing accessories, lighting products or Murano glass objects?
If you have a blog or a site you could make a profit from this passion!!

From today you can sign up for the MGS Referrals program. It's very simple and allows you to start making money from your passion right away!

How does it work?

It is very easy to subscribe to our referrals program, below we show you the steps to follow to immediately start earning money with your blog!

How can I make money?

When a visitor of your blog will click on the link that leads to our site and make a purchase within 30 days from the moment he click on the link you will earn a percentage of 15% on the total order!

For example, if the customer makes a purchase of a 1000 euro you will earn 150 euros!

How do I know when a visitor on my blog has placed an order?

By simply accessing your referral area you can have a lot of information, for example you can see which sections of our site have been reached from your link and in case of order you can immediately request payment via PayPal.

What are you waiting for? Start making our products known to the world and make money easily!


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