Murano Fish

The real Murano glass is immediately recognized for the beauty of its works, only from the mastery handed down for generations can these splendid fish in Murano glass be born: Sharks, Marlin, Dolphins, Tropics.

Details and design

The fish are made freehand using the ancient solid wood technique. The shades of the colors created in the heat create a "dynamic" effect that change by moving the gaze on the fish. The fish, of considerable size, are part of the Sculpture category and are real works, nothing to do with the glass light fish, without detracting from this wonderful way of working. In our site you will find the most beautiful and ferocious sharks, colorful tropical fish, puffer fish and beautiful stylized fish, true works of art.
Our fish collection is very varied, made with a simple and clean design but full of details. They are made of transparent glass but also with extremely complex multicolored compositions of tropical fish. These can be displayed alone or in pairs on glass bases or even mounted on a wall to form part of an installation.

Murano Fishes