Beautiful Murano glass dogs, completely handmade by our masters. The sculptures that represent man's best friend are highly customizable.
In fact, we can make a sculpture that represents his dog, you can pay homage to your friend or remember a dog that has been an important companion in your life.
Send us the photo of your dog and we will produce a sculpture that best represents him.

The dog in classical art

welcome to this section dedicated to the animal most faithful to man.
So strong his sense of fidelity from the beginning it was represented in the form of the Egyptian God Anubis depicted as a canid with a black mantle he was the faithful guardian of the tombs and of the sleep of the dead.
Even in Ancient Greece there are many examples of mythological dogs, guardians, guardians and protectors of the deities for example, he was depicted next to the goddess Artemis-Diana goddess of hunting, virginity, archery, woods and the Moon.

Goddess Artemis Diana
Goddess Artemis Diana
Metamorphosis of Actaeon
Metamorphosis of Actaeon

The dog in modern art

More contemporary representations of the dog were made by the artist Jeff Koons in 1992 where a West Highland White Terrier canine puppy consists of a stainless steel structure covered with plants and flowers.

Famous people

Many famous people loved their dogs, for example Peggy Guggenheim, famous collector and discoverer of artistic talents, was often photographed together with her numerous dogs, almost all of the Lhasa breed.