Chandeliers, Lighting and sculptures in artistic glass

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Bunch of grapes


Bunch of grapes in amber color with golden decoration.


Ceiling lamp with amber graniglia


Gold metal finishes


Two young sparrows on branch (trasparent)


Hand made using the “massello” technique, crystal base with crystal leafs.


'600 Mirror style - 0100 Series


Elegantissimo specchio riproducente le linee del 1600, unico nel suo genere è interemente realizzato a mano. Il vetro dello specchio è di primissima qualità, l'argentatura è f...


Crystal chandelier with gold decoration at ei...


Crystal chandelier with 24k gold decoration at eight lights, this chandeliers is available in others configuration: to six from twelve lights or in two floor up to eighteen li...

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Latest Reviews

Commento di: V. I. (United States)

Product Rating:

Review: This chandelier is beautiful. The process of purchase was easy, and I received periodic updates of when they started production, and when it was done, when it was shipped. Very correct way to do it. And then it arrived, in two huge boxes. Well packaged, safe. Upon initial viewing of the pink part it seemed very pale pink, and I was disappointed. It was a far cry from the "amethyst" color, from the deep pink chandelier I fell in love with. I called them, and wrote, asking for darker color parts to be sent. Alessandro was very polite and understanding, but he claimed that their engineers chose the correct shade of pink that would not change the color of the light. He offered to completely refund the purchase price, including shipping, and have it shipped back. But I loved that chandelier in the photo and was sad about it. My husband then decided to completely assemble it, so we can make an intelligent final decision. Assembled, the pink got somewhat deeper, and the whole thing was beautiful. It still was not the deep amethyst color from the photo, but it was beautiful nonetheless. Also, please note that it is not actual mesh work in glass, it is solid glass that looks like mesh work. It is going to be gorgeous above our modern white lacquer dining table. As our new home is still in renovation, my husband took it apart again, till we are ready to install it. It really is a piece of modern art, very unique chandelier. I can't wait to see up in our new home. Their customer service went above and beyond, offering to refund full price and shipping. That is the professional and honorable way to do business. I gave them four stars only because of the color discrepancy and the mesh not being a mesh. I hope they will change the photo on the website to a truer photo on a white background , and that they correct the wording to "mesh like", instead of glass mesh. Beautiful product worthy of Venice, excellent , polite, responsive and reliable customer service. Highly recommended. Thank you.

Commento di: L. H. (United States)

Review: Did not arrive in the package

Commento di: L. H. (United States)

Product Rating:

Review: Beautiful, but useless for our repairs without the other item we ordered that was not included with the nails.

Commento di: e. n. (United States)

Product Rating:

Review: Ordering a custom product from overseas is stressful, but I would not hesitate to recommend Ordering was simple, communication was excellent- notifying me at every step in the process, the shipping was quick, light was well packed and beautiful upon arrival. Thank you- we will order again.

Commento di: n. d. (United States)

Product Rating:

Review: Positive: Attitude and professionalism of the staff and the approach of the company Areas of improvement: packing protection. we waited a long time to receive the chandelier, two of the pieces were broken on the way because the packaging was hardly protective at all. On the plus side, the company immediately took action to manufacture and send replacement parts and we got them in another month. Also, there is no installation instructions included in the package or online for download. Luckily, i enjoy solving puzzles so after putting the chandelier together a couple times, i got it installed close enough to the intended design.

Commento di: m. o. (United States)

Product Rating:

Review: this is the best experience I ever had buying online, I bought my Chandelier and received on time but with a broken arm, the packing was perfect but you never can trust in shipping companies, I request the replacement and they sent it to me to fast, when I received the arm replacement my installers broke another arm during the installation so I request another arm and they sent me the arm again so quickly, and free of charge, I really recommend this company they will give you and outstanding service and high quality products, we love our Chandelier I live in San Antonio TX USA

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