Viger Series

The new Viger series is made of lamps with a particular "spatial" shape. The name we have given to this series is a reference to the famous Star Trek film "The Motion Picture" where the voyager launched by NASA in the 70s is found in a distant future as a thinking organism.
The Viger series is for those who love dreaming: with its colors made in fire and their thousand shades you can turn your gaze to the cosmo and fantasize about its wonders.
With our kit you can install up to 9 lamps of different colors and shapes, because life is diversity and color.
The Viger series is composed of: Single lamps, lamps for multiple composition with the relative KIT and beautiful Wall lights.
The available colors are: Crystal, Amber, Smoked, Amethyst, Ivory, Denim blue, and Milk White.

Viger series cover
Suspension Viger

From: $221.35

Wall Light Viger

From: $209.47