Modern ceiling lamps

Choose the ceiling light for a modern environment

In this selection you can see all our ceiling lights ideal for modern and ultra-modern environments, entirely handmade by our masters and designed by expert designers who daily study the modern design trends.

Why a ceiling light?

Ceiling lights diffuse light in a much more uniform way than a chandelier. the crystal covering the light bulb avoids unpleasant nuisances and gives the environment a modern pleasant atmosphere that will make us enjoy our home even more, happy to live it every day with our friends and our loved ones.

Modern style

The current fashion is focused on clean and simple lines, this concept of furniture is defined as modern even if it is a concept in full evolution that from year to year proposes new styles and new lines. The MGS follows the same idea, studying and proposing new or changed products every year in search of perfection.
Modern ceiling fixtures only usually made up of a single part in glass, even if recently we have launched a new line of "leaf" ceiling lamps with a very modern line.

Positive energy!

At home it is very important to have a positive energy to feel good. You will certainly have happened to be in an environment where you were at ease calm and serene or otherwise in an environment full of negative energy from which you wanted to get rid of your legs!
To obtain a pleasant and positively charged environment it is very important to choose the objects that surround us, to know that these objects were made by hand and not by a robot, to know that they were made with natural minerals and not with harmful paints, all these emotions we assure you are impressed in our products that will emanate an energy that will simply make you feel good, creating a welcoming space and avoiding stress and therefore complications of various kinds.


Our ceiling lights have an attachment for E14 type light bulbs, therefore. you can install any type of LED bulb, preferably with warm light to avoid eye discomfort and create a more relaxing environment. The crystal will think to refract the light in all directions.

Environmental certifications

MGS subjects its products to the strictest certifications, putting environmental protection at the top of our values, like the creation of real light works, when you buy a MGS product you will be sure that 'whole production process will have the minimum environmental impact.

Ceiling lamps in a modern style house
Ceiling lamps in a modern style house
Ceiling lamps in a modern style home
Ceiling lamps in a modern style home

Ideal for every modern setting in your home, a Murano Glass Shop ceiling light will give you the light you need to furnish your perfection.

Memmo Ceiling light

From: $303.47

Korinthos Ceiling Lamp

From: $452.90

Mocenigo Ceiling lamp

From: $2,265.63

Gabbiano Ceiling lamp

From: $2,235.52