Econ Chandeliers

With the Econ Series Chandeliers you will be able to have at an exceptional price a hand made realized product, maked in italy, from expert masters.

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the MGS made a great effort to create this low-cost, yet incredibly high-quality chandelier. In fact, they are hand-made crystal glass chandeliers entirely made in italy. The difference compared to the standard series differs from the color creation procedure in the standard series The colors are made of hot so the glass is really of the color you see.

in this series Colors are varnished , a procedure used by many manufacturers and sellers online, just does not tell you what you are purchasing.
We of the MGS are very focused on transparency and fairness, you will always know what you are buying.
Another difference from the standard series is the absence of certifications. In any case, we guarantee that these products are made entirely in Italy.