Murano Chandeliers: a guide to a conscious purchase

Murano Chandelier Today we are going to talk about Murano Chandeliers (in Italian, “Lampadari di Murano”). You can find chandeliers online for just €400!

We were the only ones who sold Murano Glass online when we first started our company, nearly 20 years ago. Our customised creations, made with care and attention, light up thousands of places all around the world! We made in fact chandeliers for the Vatican City, luxury restaurants, hotels, university and for many private houses…

We also had to face a tough but healthy competition, that helped us creating better and up to date works. Of course, one day, unfair competitors showed up.

As we already said, you can find Murano Chandeliers online for €400, but how is this possible? How can we buy such a cheap handmade chandelier, when the price can’t even finance the production costs? Not to mention the cost of ecological disposal of production waste, fumes analysis, water purification machines etc… This can’t be possible, right?

We find ourselves agreeing over the fact that this kind of cheap chandeliers can’t be made in Murano, maybe not even in Italy. Also, they surely were not produced respecting the environment, a thing that instead characterises our methods. Our mission is to respect our planet and preserve the old art of making glass, along with our Masters and their artisanal techniques. But, above all, we want to respect our customers by selling what we produce: Art, History and Honesty.

Understanding the various techniques of creating a Murano Chandelier is very important. We are going to analyse them later, in another post we are preparing for you. Anyway, you’ll be able of telling a high quality product apart from cheap products, so that your choice will be conscious and correct.

In trading, competition is important: it allows you to grow up. Our chandeliers, and all the other products, are made with passion and respect for the environment and for every person who deals with us.

This is who we are.
Thank you,
Alessandro Carrara, MGS CEO.

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