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Molds for glass processing

molds The mold is a tool of a variety of shapes, usually made of iron, bronze or wood. It is used to support the process of glass blowing that is shaped by dilatation.
The molds can have different shapes depending on the type of production: in vertical stripes, as "balottòn" or "serci" (circular).
The mold is therefore used as a standard model to give a precise shape to the blown glass (in the plate) or for the making of glass objects pressed in the mold.
The mold can be used to finalize the shape of the product or only to make a draft that can be further modified.
The very first molds used to be made of clay, then of wood or stone and finally of metal as a single piece. Later, in order to make more complex shapes, multiple pieces molds started to be used. The first blown glasses into the molds were made in Egypt between the II and the IV Century.

Our molds for the making of glass. Look at the gallery and find out more on these charming tools:

By Alessandro Carrara

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